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My work experience week at JK

Each year we welcome students from local secondary schools during their work experience week in June and July. This is a great opportunity for students to gain exposure to organisations and more specifically to us to share to be able to share the operations of our theatre company.

This year we had the pleasure of welcoming Mimi to the JK team. She decided to write her blog task on the benefits of drama and how this has influenced her own learning.

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How Drama influences young people

Drama has become an incredibly popular hobby to children, teenagers and young adults, as it allows them to feel free and express themselves where they lack confidence. Drama helps make the person more aware of themselves and their surroundings and lets them have a deeper appreciation for learning.  It is an art where strong friendships are created as trust is gained between people and it is a community where people feel comfortable among their peers. It is a way that people can build advanced thinking strategies, social skills and communication skills and helps them negotiate and consider others’ perspectives. 

I’ve done drama for eleven years and in that time my confidence, not only on stage, but socially has grown hugely and I feel that I can do things that I wouldn’t have even imagined doing a few years ago without thinking people are judging me. Without drama and the arts I had very little confidence and wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Drama and the arts are becoming a more appreciated subject as many people feel that is a safe space to escape and forget about any troubles or worries they may be having and become a new character for a while. Anyone and everyone can act if they let themselves and that is why drama clubs are there.

JK Theatre Arts is a place that enhances the creative learning in young people; whether it is through dance, acting or singing. JK Theatre arts allows young people to adapt a range of skills that will serve them throughout life, whatever age or aspirations.

By Mimi, aged 15yrs